White Potato Onion

Latin Name: Allium cepa var. aggregatum

Synonym: Allium cepa Aggregatum Group

Common Names: White Potato Onion, Hill Onion, Mother Onion

Reported Hardiness: Zones 5-8

Description: Though quite rare, the White Potato Onion, technically speaking, is identical to a shallot or other multiplier, in that it forms clumps of bulbs from a single planted bulb (hence the name “aggregatum”). It differs from the supermarket shallot or garden multiplier in that it makes much larger mostly symmetrical–that’s round– bulbs, including the occasional whopper that will be 3″ in diameter, though the usual size is closer to 1″. While it is smaller than the yellow potato onion, it makes up for the smaller size by being a vigorous grower, producing as many as a dozen bulbs from one bulb (and sometimes even more). Also a good keeper, with typical sweet white onion flavor, though onion flavor is mostly dependent on soil chemistry. A great warm climate onion that grows almost year round–the original supplier said that these plants came from rural Louisiana.

Cultivation: Grow as with any shallot or other multiplier. The more moisture and fertilizer the onion receives the better the outcome, though the potato onion is totally intolerant of poorly drained soil. The rule of thumb is that small bulbs will produce a few large bulbs, but that large bulbs will produce lots and lots of small bulbs. Produces moderately even in poor sandy soil. Add wood ashes or limestone to sweeten overly acidic soil.

Product: Small bulbs for fall planting, plants for year round growing.

Shipping Season: September through November for bulbs, plants ship year round to warm weather areas. Contact us for more information.

5 plants or bulbs, $4.95 (Counts as one plant for shipping purposes)


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